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Our facilities

Located in Vilagarcia de Arousa, in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, we have good communications both by land sea or air; communicated by motorways with all Europe and a few kilometres away from three airports.
We have modern facilities capable of producing more than 1600 tons of finished products per year.

Our foundry has 2 electric induction furnaces, one of 10 tons and the other one of 15 tons.
Our metallurgical laboratory has the testing equipment to guarantee the quality of the molten metal. Both spectrometer for chemical analysis and tensile strength machine to verify the resistance of the metal cast are available in house.
We also have two robotic cells for moulding, thus avoiding the cost of producing wooden models. As well as the robots, we have a carpentry able to produce, modify or repair wooden patterns supplied by our customers.

In our machining and polishing facilities, the pieces receive their finishing and final dimensions by means of the most modern machinery, all guided by CAD-CAM.

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